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Wildlife Exclusion

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Wildlife Removal Pest Control Services

Do you hear little feet in the attic or something moving around under your home? These unwanted visitors can bring with them property damage and potentially spread disease. Let Delta Termite & Pest Control, Inc. provide a thorough investigation and evaluation of your property. We will assess how the pests are entering your home or business and remove them, while making sure that those point of entries have been closed.

Delta Termite & Pest Control, Inc.’s Wildlife Control Services will remove just about anything that walks, slithers, flies or crawls from your home or business (raccoons. squirrels, snakes, birds, etc.). It is important to protect your pets, family, friends, employees and customers from potential disease exposure such as distemper, rabies and a variety of other diseases that wildlife may carry. Delta Termite & Pest Control. Inc. will professionally and humanely trap these unwanted pests and relocate them whenever possible. Our procedures are in accordance with all State and Federal laws. Delta keeps wildlife from coming back through exclusion services and offers a renewable warranty for most of our exclusion services. Click here or dial 1-866-468-7378 to speak to us about your wildlife removal needs.